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The Region's First Cyber Village

From its earliest days, LRC has envisioned Lowertown as a complete community, a place where people would work as well as live, in an environment as attractive to business as it is to homeowners and renters. Today, the neighborhood has emerged as the region's leading "Cyber Village", attracting many new, entrepreneurial firms operating in the information industry, digital media and the Internet.Drawn by Lowertown's superior telecommunications infrastructure, including the metro area's most comprehensive fiberoptic network, they've also discovered some of the other benefits of locating a business here: interesting, affordable space in many of the warehouse loft buildings; an informal human scale work environment; and the synergy of a growing community of people and companies who share their interests.

Also contributing to the growth of Lowertown's economy are the numbers of architectural, graphic design, advertising and communications firms who have relocated here. Companies involved in biotechnology, medical products and other areas of advanced technology have also found it to be an ideal location, close to hospitals, the University of Minnesota and major technologically oriented firms such as 3M, BMC Industries and others.

The presence here of KTCA Television and Continental Cablevision's studios and production facilities has helped to build its reputation as a national center for the video and film industry.

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